August 1st, 2013, 6:58 pm

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Chapter 5 - 08

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Maybe she can make a sandwich right. No? No?
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Advertisement May 24th, 2018, 8:19 pm


The_Hankerchief August 2nd, 2013, 11:51 am

Oh, that poor deluded fool. He doesn't know!


Sal (Guest) August 5th, 2013, 5:19 am

Feedback stuff.
The thing that caught my interest in the comic was the ad where we see Dinian with a shotgun hanging out of a car. I clicked the ad and the comic starts off strong with a nice little action bit and a basic plot setup (get a new job). Its not the primary plot but it gets things going.
An ad featuring a cool art style and people with guns is basically enough to get people like me interested.
On that note: the action scenes, especially scenes with guns, are very cool looking and very fun to look at.

My favorite scene was when the B.R.A.I.N crashes when Dinian learns what Azure is like. There is no real worst scene per say but I was kinda annoyed when Dinian threatened Nihls with a knife.

Favorite character is Dinian. She can do Parkour, is very happy and positive, goofy but can be serious and has cool daydreams.

One thing that was interesting to me is the setting. The comic doesn't explicitly say where or when things happen. Its some point in the future and its located in Europe land (license plates, convenience stores signs, Policia, bar notices, etc). Not a country, just Europe. It is actually kinda cool.
Same goes for the sword, dual pistols and war ax. Very unorthodox but it fits the art style and setting well.

Another little thing that I like is how the police and criminals are competent and good fighters.

The title No Guns In The Kitchen is odd because it is completely irrelevant to the plot (at this point), random, and the sign is easy to miss on first reading.

As stated before, the wallpaper is a single pattern that crosses over panels. It is a very subtle thing that nobody else probably notices but it is trippy to me.

People change their clothing regularly. Another nice little touch.

I like the archive system. Numbered, dated, divided by chapter and # of comments is a nice touch.

The daydreams of fighting and Parkour bits are very impressive and work well with the art (technical drawing skill and direction)

I kinda have a hard time memorizing the character's names. Watch a movie or pro wrestling and you will notice that nobody really uses pronouns. They never shut the heck up and always use the character's names to drill them into your memory.

Naturally we all want more updates but in basically every other webcomic if the author says "sup guys, my life is busy" the readers understand and roll with it. Good luck switching to a different country.


Jops August 8th, 2013, 12:56 pm

Thanks for the feedback Sal.
I guess you'd be happy to know that the comic i'm planning for after NGITK would be an action-packed adventure set in a world based on Dinian's dream sequence at the beginning of chapter 2.

I guess the title may become more relevant in a scene that will occur early in the next chapter. However, take into account that GNITK started as an experiment and went trough a couple changes of direction as the comic was in progress.

The suggestion to repeat the names more often and make less use pronouns is a good one. I guess i was too focused on making the dialogue sound "natural" and just didn't think about it. Thanks for it. I'll keep it in mind from now on.