August 1st, 2013, 7:42 pm



Jops August 1st, 2013, 7:42 pm

Hello folks!
As you most certainly have noticed, NGITK's update rate has become quite sporadic lately. This is due to a series of reasons.
It partly has to do with me getting a new job and potentially having to move to a new city and country (again).

The other reason is that I've taken some time to review my own comic and trying to make an objective self-evaluation. After all, almost 100 pages is enough material to work with.
What i focused on mostly was my writing, especially since lately I've actually produced a few scripts for collabs. Here's what i think:

I think my main characters are pretty well fleshed out and have consistent personality. Dialogues are natural and don't feel forced for the sake of moving on the story.

I screwed up the pacing. Events unfold way too slowly. Too much dialoges and too little action. It's almost 100 pages and it feels like the story hasn't really taken off yet.
The story itself, feels more like an unfocused series of stand-alone situations (even tho they actually are all connected).

However, self-reviews are a bit tricky as i don't really have the perspective of a real reader. So, i'd like to ask, to all of you who have been reading NGITK so far:

* What is, in this comic, that caught your interest?
* What is your favorite scene? And what's the part you like less?
* Who's your favorite character? Why?

These questions are there to help me understand where i fell short, where i can improve and how.
Of course, if you have other comments and feedback, that'd be very much appreciated. Thanks.